Entry: break up Apr 27, 2017

break up which i am avoiding but you cant hold people decission neither actions. i thought she will be my forever i just woke up one day everthing has gone. but this time i make sure it wont happened the last time break up. here is the story.. mitch and i were together for almost five years but something comes in our relationship ended up 2009 i felt miserable before i dont drink alcohol even my friends are drinker but i became alcoholic for how many months. i was at the stage of ruin my life after her i dated so many girls but mitch still owned my heart. i was at the point of i am hurting other people because of my actions. then one day my mom and my brother spoke to me asking " what happened to you?" then i cried, said mitch and i are end. then my brother said dont make your life miserable its not your fault if she found another time will come she will realized you importance and one thing instead your wasting your time do some good deeds, serve god and he will make you relieve all your pains. i served then time flies wounds are healed, blessings came i felt i can do anything god is my backup. i got my first job a position which i never expected. imagine i am a boss with 700 employees. first i doubt myself if i can do my job its a big responsibilities but i said god is with me i can do it. i realized put first god for all because god love you uncondionally everyone will leave you but god always at your side.


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