Entry: 8 Sep 28, 2013

success for surprising my special someone. akala ko mabubuko nako saknya.. i have to tell lies para lang matago sakanya na i have something surprise. this is scenario.. september 26 2013 just got home from work i told to tin to help to buy cake. then i finish cooking around 8pm sabi ko tin wag na pauwi na siya baka mahuli tayo...then she came home past 8..then tin ask me to help her to buy some food in grocery i then i say yes. ann was angry that time to me but she don't have any hint that i will go out to buy cake for her. then we already buy cake..tin while she is buying it came to my mind jen idea hotdog and marsmallow on stick..i buy.. in home...... me: tin where is the stuff i buy? tin: check to kuya glenn me: bam where? glenn: i put already on fridge me: other one marsmallow? glenn: here me: put it on jen upper bed. tom i will eat them ann: da did you me mangosteen? me: i check out of stock daw (then ann look upset and ask) ann: da maybe u don't want me to buy talaga. me: ok i will give 1000 dirhams if you saw any mangosteen there (ann keep quiet for a while..again she ask) ann: da why did you buy mallows?i told you don't eat too much during night me: ma tom i eat those mallows.remember it's my off tom (then ann stop arguing) while ann sleeping... i call tin and jen. i told them lets sing for inday it's her bday so that she will think we don't have plan for the next hours.. while we are preparing..i ask jerome to set up he sound for bday song..then laptop did not work it..jen and tin continue singing then ann she get mad why your waking me up im already sleeping..i call her and said just blow the candle and sleep again.. morning time..she kiss me and told da sorry and thank you about what happen last night..i said you did not appreciate what we had done.. after she go to work..i woke up and ask to jerome help me to buy ingredients in grocery. while we where cooking and preparing the party she called up.. ann: da what are you doing me: sleeping ann: ah ok me: what time you will go home? ann: same time me: ah ok..come early ok.. ann: opo all are prepared.. ann knocking on the door..she called me and i did not answer her call.. while she is walking she ask me why there is no lights then she saw her surprise party..i look in her eyes she was shock..because all time she was thinking we will eat outside... i realize being with her is the most precious moment that i want to keep it forever.


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